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Meet Our Store Cats

Patches at the fax


Patches is our expert office assistant. As you'll see below, she took lessons from Tootie regarding how to man the fax machine and she gradually taught the other cats.  You will rarely see Patches on the store floor - she's just too busy taking care of office tasks.

Lefty on the printer


Lefty is our official "hidey cat". After quite a few years, he finally comes out into the office where the staff can see him - sometimes. Mostly he teaches us about all the nooks and crannies that a not-so-small cat can find to hide in.  However, his new motto seems to be "If its good enough for Patches to sleep in or on, then surely I need to sleep there!"

Patches - The Office Assistant

Meet Patches

Patches is a very photogenic feline assistant. She joined us in early December one year after Julie rescued her from a tree near the store. Seems she was chased up there by a neighborhood cat and didn't feel she could come down until Julie chased the bully away. Next thing Julie knew, Patches ran straight to the back door of the store and wanted in. Naming her was a cinch - the first thing she decided to do was lay on a "Patches on Point" quilt. The rest, as they say, is "her story".

Patches learning the fax

Much to Tootie's dismay Patches idolized her - following her around as often as she could get away with it. So, naturally, Patches became interested in the fax machine.

Patches learning the fax

With a little prodding from Julie and Kathy, no doubt, Patches tried hard to grasp Tootie's fax retrieval technique.

Tootie disapproves of Patches efforts

Tootie's critique: "Patches is not ready to take over my fax retrieval/delivery duties any time soon!"

Patches - Is this how?

Patches continued to try hard to gain some insight into the elusive fax retrieval technique. Tootie didn't bother to tell her that  the old style fax machines were much easier to work with.

Patches relaxes

Satisfied with a hard day's work, Patches asks "what's so hard about Tootie's job?".

Confused about all this talk of Tootie and fax retrievals? Read all about it on our The Amazing (But True) Tale of Tootie the Fax Cat page to read the tale of Tootie's fax retrieval habits.

Lefty - The Elusive One


Lefty is our shy guy. He was so shy that he went from the tiny kitten you see at the top of the page, to this really big, fluffy fella you see her before our webmaster was ever able to snap his photo. He spent most of his time under tables or behind furniture. Luckily, when Annie came along, she won him over by combing his thick fur on a regular basis and gradually he stopped bolting away everytime somebody walked into the office.


Domino - Our Store Greeter

Domino as a kitten

Domino as a kitten - was into everything. Kathy and Julie named her Domino due to "the effect when she gets to playing with something". Here's Domino when she first arrived. She was really tiny! She was with us for 14 years and was always our customer-loving kitty.

Domino as a teenager

Don't let that innocent look fool you. She was still into everything at this stage. She couldn't hide under the cabinets anymore, but she could jump onto anything she choose. She was our customer loving cat - she loved to be out in the store greeting customers! You'll see her in many of our product pictures, especially pictures of quilts on a bed.

Domino learns computing

Domino found it increasingly important to be computer savvy - in order to help run the quilt store. Here she watches a computing tutorial. (Actually, Ginger caught her in this pose and quickly grabbed a photo.)

Domino watches printer

Domino wanted in on the famous "office kitty" action. Here she tried to monitor the printer production. Wow, look how big she got.

Domino at the fax

Domino didn't take to the fax machine like Tootie or Patches, but we did catch this rare pose of her staring at the fax machine. We guess that once she got a handle on the computer, she figured fax machines can't be that hard! Or maybe, it is just that she liked customers so much she didn't stick around the office fax as much as Patches.

Domino our store greeter cat

Sadly Domino is no longer with us. She was often seen standing near the door as customers entered, so we know many of you will miss her.

Tootie - The Fax Cat

Tootie the Office Cat

Tootie the Fax Cat

Tootie was never as involved with customers as Catty Wampus, but she will always be famous as our "fax cat". She was a faithful office cat for many years at Creations when we were on Main Street.  She road back and forth to work with Julie and spent many years "helping" Julie with office paperwork or helping us put together any packages that involved ribbons.

Somewhere  along the line Tootie developed an interest in the Fax Machine and was obsessed with watching the faxes fall to the floor.  She perked up whenever she heard the incoming fax tone and then she guarded the faxes on the floor. But if neither of the girls was nearby she would actually pick up the fax and take it out to the store to deliver it to either Kathy or Julie. We know it is hard to believe, but we are not stretching the truth. You can read Tootie's most famous fax delivery story and view the photos on our The Amazing (But True) Tale of Tootie the Fax Cat page.

Tootie is now just with us in spirit, she had a long and exciting life.


Tootie keeps an eye out

Life at the store wasn't always easy for Tootie. Here she is protesting the purchase of a silly new fax machine. "That goofy machine is different than my old machine. It doesn't make the same noises and even worse, it doesn't drop those wonderful curled up faxes to the floor. I'm devastated and am refusing to deliver any more faxes! (Actually, I just don't know when they are arriving any more."

Luckily for Tootie, the girls realized Tootie had a reputation to uphold, afterall she was a Famous Fax Cat, so after a few months they went out and bought the old style thermal fax machine.

Tootie rides to work

Tootie rode to and from work on daily. She insisted on sticking her head out the window until we reached EXACTLY 15 mph.

By the way, pardon our tiny images of Tootie, her heyday was in the very early days of digital cameras, so our photos of her are not very big.

Ribbon Tootie

By the way, Tootie wanted to set the record straight. There have been implications that she spent all her time sleeping.. But here is proof that she really did pitch in when help was needed. Tootie was an all round helpful office assistant. One of her favorite tasks was to help Ginger get ribbons ready to tie around all those fat quarters.


Catty Wampus

Catty Wampus

Catty Wampus was the store kitty at From Our House, our home dec store that occupied this location before we combined the two stores. After experiencing several months off as we remodeled, Catty Wampus opted for the leisurely life instead of returning to the spotlight - what a surprise! Her decision was also spurred along when she discovered that Tootie who had been in charge at Creations was going to join her as a co-manager.

She turned over her customer relations responsibilities to Patches and Domino shortly after we opened this location. Catty Wampus is with us in spirit only now.

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